Garden Fact File


Welcome to our Fact File on plants and the garden!

Welcome to the fact file page. This is our general guide on all the different aspects of plants and the information around them. We have also included some other information on things such as tiny critters(bugs) and the seasons. Feel free to browse using this page of the navigation bar.

This is the page about the life stages of plants. Sometimes the plants go through the flowering and fruiting stages multiple times. It takes you through the stages from planting a seed to the end of a plants life.

This is some basic information about the parts of a plant. We will link some other more detailed information if you want to know more on a higher level.

This is a short guide to the seasons and how the change in seasons effect plants and trees. A short guide to annual and perennial plants. How things like winter and the frosts that come with it affect fruit and vegetable plants.

This is a page about the soil. It has lots of information from the relevance to plants and also a more detailed diagram going further.

This page has links to further pages about a number of different tiny critters or bugs.