Growing Guide


Welcome to our guide to growing fruit and vegetables!

Here is our guide on how to grow fruit and vegetables in the UK or a similar northern climate. We have a number of different pages designed to help you to bring your allotment to it's full potential. We have had allotments for 12 years and enjoy a bountiful harvest every year. It can require a fair amount of work to get started but as the years pass the allotment becomes easier to work as you get rid of the weeds and get used to the cycle.

Firstly, we have a general guide to getting started planting on the allotment. This includes seed planting, composting, plant rotation, general duties and information about bugs.

We have our vegetable and fruit guides that give you information on how to grow each vegetable and fruit you feel like. From Potatoes to Apples click on the link below and explore the pages. It also includes planting months and harvesting months.

We also have a guide on what to do month to month. So you can pick July for example and it will tell you the jobs to do on the allotment in that specific month.