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Bees are an insect that lives everywhere except for antartica.

Bees feed on nectar and pollen found in flowers. Nectar is a sugary liquid that plants produce in thier flowers.

Bees live in large colonies of up to 50,000 bees.

They play a vital role in the pollination of plants. A bee will walk all over the flower collecting nectar. While doing this they also get pollen all over their body. Then when they move to the next flower they bring the pollen with them. This will then pollinate the next flower. Bees do this all day and will pollinate hundreds of plants.

Bees are in trouble because there are less flowers in the environment. The bees are finding it hard to find food and is struggling to survive. You can help by growng flowers in spring, summer and autumn.

The colony is looked after by a queen bee. There are lots of worker bees and these are all the children of the queen bee. These worker bees forage for food and build, protect and clean the hive.

There are drone bees that are male bees that mate with the queens.

An average bee lives six week and will produce a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey.

The queen bee can lay 2500 eggs a day.

A bee flaps its wings 200 times a minute.

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