Vegetable Hub Page

Welcome to the vegetable hub page. We have guides for specific vegetables here. If you click either the image or text you can find out about each different type of vegetable.

We have tried to add how many of each plant you will need to feed a family of four whilst the plant can be harvested. There is a bit of guess work done to try and help guide to feed household sizes smaller or larger than this.

We are always adding to these guides so if you have any tips or want to request a plant to be added onto the page please don't hesitate to contact us using the about us form.

Empty allotment

Plant your seeds as described in the planting guide. Some plants will come as small plants, trees or bushes and if you can get them like this it has been described in the guide. Some plants have different varieties such as summer and autumn Raspberries, so make sure to check which variety when you purchase them.

Keep watering your plants when it doesn't rain! Try to make sure your soil and pots have a lot of drainage so they don�t become sodden because that can bring mould into the root system.

We have pictures of what the vegetable looks like finished as well as some guidance on when to pick it.

There is some information on pruning where necessary and tips on how to prune to get the best crop you can from each plant.

The harvest and plant months are a guide we are going to be adding the time from planting to harvesting in the coming weeks. We have a cheat sheet linked below to help show when you can harvest and when you can sow.