There are four different seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

This is due to how the earth moves around the sun.

This effects plants due to the change in temperature and the change of hours of light in the day. Plants are specifically designed to use the change in seasons to know when they need to grow tall, flower and produce fruit and in the case of trees shed all their leaves.

Trees shed their leaves in autumn and are bare in the winter. When spring comes round the trees bud and produce blossom. When the summer comes round the trees grow loads and are in prime growing mode.

However not all trees do this and some are green throughout the year.

Fruit and vegetables grow at different times of the year. This means by changing the species of plant you are growing you can produce crops throughout the year. Most commonly however fruit and vegetables grow in the summer and autumn. This is because thats when the conditions are best because there is lots of light and there are no frosts that can kill alot of the fruit and vegetables. If you look in the monthly guide/fruit and vegetables guide it will show you how to grow plants throughout the year so you can enjoy your own fruit and vegetables all year round.