A short poem/post about the allotment

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Veg Grow Guide Blog - July 2021

A short poem/post about the allotment

Onwards friends by Rebecca Drozd , July 16, 2021
Spread of various allotment vegetables, eggs and preserves.

Nibbling our way around the plot this morning...

Pak choi

Pea shoots


Cut and come again lettuce


Quail, duck, chicken eggs.

Red currants

Logan berries


Not much else this year

Just waiting on tomatoes to redden

And potatoes to die back

But enjoying the wins

Alas much of the seeds at St George's Park failed to thrive due to lack of watering

And the Chard looks nibbled by snails.

But Spike's raspberries are blooming

So too the strawberries

And someone might get a few spuds this year.

Onwards friends

there is no time for regret.

No, no regrets ...

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