Rosemary cuttings and Chillis

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Rosemary cutting success and chilli update

Revisitng old plants, Nov 15, 2020
Three different rosemary cuttings

Earlier this year I tried to salvage a rosemary bush. The bush was almost dead with a few sprigs of rosemary left on the bush. I took some scissors and made a few cuttings. Then I planted the cuttings in a large pot with some compost. After this, all I have done is keep the pot watered during summer dry periods and the results are now finally showing. The plants are looking fantastic, with multiple plants in the pot fully established. At some point soon I will separate a few of the early bushes out to a few separate pots.

This is a part I really enjoy as we love herbs and used to regularly come into the garden and cut a sprig off for roast dinners. Now we have multiple plants that can keep us supplied with rosemary sprigs again. If a herb bush is looking like it is at the end of its life I would recommend trying to make a few cuttings to see if you can salvage something from the plant.

In addition to this we have just harvested the last of the chilli plants as the allotment goes into the winter quiet months. We have a number of varieties of chilli pepper here with varying levels of hotness.

Variety of different chilli peppers from a fresh harvest

Over the next few months we are going to be slowly working though a few patches and making them ready for next year's growing season.

We also have to look after the ducks and chickens all year round and they will continue to give us a number of eggs albeit they slow down with laying over the winter months.

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