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New year allotment preparations

Planning and repairing, Mar 30, 2020
Chicken coop in the frost

So, January has come and it's time to begin the years preparations for the allotment. There are a number of jobs to do before the last frost of the year. We have to weed the early vegetable beds. You can find a discussion on effective weeding here.

After the beds are clear we can add the chicken manure compost we have been collecting over the year. The compost contains the droppings and straw from the chicken coop that has collected over time. It also contains the same from the duck pen. The manure at the top is not quite ready to go onto the allotment but there is a convenient window at the bottom of the compost bin to collect the finished compost. We will sieve the compost over the beds and then dig it in. It is a fairly long process but very worth it.

Frosty fruit cage damaged by heavy snow

There are a number of repairs to do. There was heavy snow a week or so ago and it has damaged some of our fruit cages and the chicken cage. I have a picture above of the damaged fruit cage. Repairing is essential but will not take too long.

This patch is going to be a special patch this year. We are going to plan a bed that contains most of the ingredients for a vegetable soup and documenting the process. It will be a complete bed for someone who doesn't have much space to grow vegetables. The rest of the beds will most likely be single plant beds with things like sweetcorn, courgettes/zuchini, pumpkins, and leeks. We have a polytunnel to set up and the polytunnels will contain tomatoes, chilli's, peppers, cucumbers, and aubergines.

We have a blog post that has a handy table on when to start your plants based on the time of the year. It's very important, however, to keep seedlings indoors until the last frost of the season. We lost a number of tomato plants last year due to a very late frost. Our guides on fruits can be found here and our guides on vegetables can be found here.

The other jobs for the allotment this year are trimming the fruit bushes, such as our blueberries and raspberries. You can find some information on how to trim these each type of fruit bush here for raspberries and here for blueberries.

Thank you for reading we will have another blog post coming soon!

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