Winter lull - Quiet period

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Winter lull - Quiet period on the allotment

Extra images of saffron, Nov 22, 2020
Close up of saffron flowers and the stamens or fronds from the flower 1/2

So, winter is upon us and the allotment schedule is quieting down. We have a few jobs on the go for winter.

Firstly, we look after our chickens and ducks everyday. Keeping them healthy and cared for by feeding, providing water, and changing bedding. Over the winter months the chickens slow down on egg laying with some weeks stopping completely. They are also shedding their feathers as you can see in the photo. The ducks are a bit more resilient but generally can stop laying completely as they did last winter.

We have to clear the area for the second polytunnel and set it up. We moved from two half plots this year and didn't manage to set up the second polytunnel up in time for it to be worth it.

I have been thinking of planting some winter vegetables. I would like a winter salad garden, and also some Pak choi for my ramen soups. There are plants such as garlic and onions that you can plant over the winter months but we tend not to plant them as they are reasonably inexpensive. We have some leeks still growing and the seeds from the last of the dried bean stalks.

We have saffron beds growing and we are going to try and maintain them over the winter as this is when they flower. They flower with a nice purple flower and have red stamens that are the spice part. I will make another post about saffron later on.

Close up of saffron flowers and the stamens or fronds from the flower 2/2

Finally, the last job is to slowly weed and manage the beds from the years harvest. You can find about effective weeding here. This is a fairly gentle job that can be done as slow as you want.

Thanks for reading and I will update you with some pictures of the allotment as it is.

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