Spring Seed Sowing

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Spring Seed Sowing

Spring is here time to sow, Mar 16, 2020
variety of spring seeds to plant

Spring has arrived, time to sow our seeds. We have a number of different seeds being planted today. These include tomatoes, chillis and gherkins. They are all being started off indoors in different containers. A few days ago I planted some seeds with my father who I work on the allotment with. We planted chilli's, tomatoes and gherkins. As they get bigger and we move them onto the next room we will probably plant some peppers and more tomatoes.

seed tray with small seedling

We planted a wide variety of chilli's we got from one of the chilli Facebook groups including black chilli's and a few hot and mild chilli's.

The chilli's and gherkins are in heated propagators and the tomatoes are in a regular propagator.

To plant these seeds we made a small hole with a finger around half an inch deep and put the seed inside and then covered it over. They will be misted and gently watered over the next few weeks as they grow. As you can see in the picture a tomato plant has already popped up. We planted the seeds two to a space in the propagator. Once they are a bit bigger we can either separate them or choose the strongest of the two. Ideally you need to separate them before they grow too big or the roots tangle together.

We are going to be putting up the poly tunnel after moving it soon so keep an eye out for that blog. We hope to get subscriptions open soon so updates can be sent to your email.

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