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Planting and Harvest time cheat sheet

Two cheat sheets on when to harvest and plant, Mar 4, 2020
Cheat sheet for planting fruits and vegetables

Here are two sheets that you can print out that show what months to harvest and what months to plant. We have done one for vegetables and one for fruit. Remember to be careful in the earlier months such as January, February, March, and April. Depending on your country you may have to plant indoors and move the plants outdoors once the final frost has come for some plants.

Some of the fruits especially are usually grown in warmer environments and likely require being in a greenhouse or indoors during the cold months or even permanently. These are plants such as oranges, lemons, and bananas.

Furthermore most of the fruits are grown as trees. If you buy a fruit tree such as an apple or a pear tree pre-grown you can transplant the tree outside of the fruiting stage. This also applies to bushes such as blueberries or raspberries.

There are more detailed growing guides for the individual fruit and vegetables in the growing guide section of the website. This will tell you further information such as how to plant and trim the plants to promote growth and maximum yield.

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