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Veg Grow Guide Blog - July 2021

Late July on the Allotment

Allotment in the summer , August 06, 2021
Tomatoes ripening on the vine.

This is the time when everything is growing on the plot. It is also a time when weather can make big differences to your activities. Periods of sunshine and hot weather have meant extra watering and episodes of sometimes heavy rain bring out the weeds in their droves and sometimes potato and tomato blight.

Things are progressing well in the polytunnel. We had moved the polytunnel two years ago to join the half-plots into one. We were not able to put it up last year due to the lockdown restrictions but managed to do so earlier in the year, although the plastic will need further stretching at the end of the season. The tomatoes are beginning to ripen and some of the different varieties are doing well. Ailsa Craig have some good-sized trusses and have needed extra support. New varieties include Garnet, a cherry tomato variety, and a pear variety. We are still not sure of the pear as seedlings were given by a plot neighbour, although the trusses are developing well. Roma was off to a slow start although it is picking up at the moment. Some areas of the country have reported instances of tomato blight during some prolonged periods of rain on social media, but we have been lucky in the polytunnel so far. Watering can be an issue, however. We were watering twice a day in the hot weather and didn't reduce the watering enough when it ended, and the temperatures had dropped. This has resulted in some split skin, but they still tase wonderful.

action shot of tomatoes in a polytunnel.

Chillies have been growing well and all the varieties are fruiting, we have used some of these in meals and it is a joy to be able to use home grown chillies. This is the year we are going to try and overwinter some of the plants, and the indoor lighting we bought earlier is providing the light during the darker months. The varieties we are growing include Apache, Anaheim, Aji Fantasy, Aji Crystal, and Banana Pepper. The sweet mini peppers are growing well also and seem to be maturing a little slower than the chillies so far.

Gherkins are growing wild at the back of the polytunnel – we like to grow them that way as the joy of finding them is one of out favourite experience. Three plants have resulted in about 30 gherkins so far are they can appear seemingly overnight – and then there's the one which was missed and is huge in comparison with the others. We like to make dill pickled gherkins with them, but it is tempting just to snack on them.

action shot of potatoes growing next to the dhalias.

The potatoes are growing well, and the flowers are all out. We hadn't planned to plant potatoes this year but had a bed empty when a friend offered us some seed potatoes, so we planted them. It we be a big and pleasant surprise when we start to pull them out as we can't remember the variety.

We have a variety of fruit and berry plants growing on the plot and are planning to make more sense of where they are planted. We have planted the bushes in available spaces and will move them later in the year. The black currants are doing well and we have picked 3 kilos of fruit from 2 small bushes. This can take some time (90 minutes in this case) as they are all clustered around the stem. Two bags in the freezer while we decide what to do with them. Creme de cassis definitely with one bag for Christmas and either blackcurrant cordial or jelly from the other.

very ripe blackcurrants growing on a blackcurrant bush.

Blueberries and black raspberries are ripening and will need picking soon. We also have a few raspberry bushes although these are late fruiting bushes. It would be a good idea to have some early fruiting bushes next year. White currant and gooseberries have not grown so well and will need more attention next year. We are missing redcurrants and had two nice bushes on the previous site which we were not able to move. Time to add them to the shopping list.

Dahlias have begun to appear although a while later than last year. We have a couple of varieties, and these lighten up the plot when in full bloom.

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