Coronavirus Update

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Coronavirus update

Country on lockdown, Mar 30, 2020
Variety of different chilli plants

The country and world are on lockdown right now. The current advice on allotments is that you can go as part of your daily exercise. We have chickens and ducks so we have to go twice a day.

As a person with moderate risk due to my asthma I haven't been as much as usual. To prevent spread and risk of infection we are wearing gloves to open the entry gate and washing hands on the allotment after taking them off and after getting home.

Currently on the allotment we are preparing a bed to plant. We have 2 year old chicken manure in the composter that's been put into a wheelbarrow ready to dig into the soil when we get a sieve. We need the sieve to get the straw out. We also have some strawberries going in the soil soon from the old allotment. We are also trimming bushes and preparing the ground for the polytunnel from the old allotment to go on.

In the house we have our seedlings growing well and they will soon be ready to pot onto bigger pots out of the trays. Here is a photo of the seedlings. We have a polytunnel already set up to house these seedlings if we don't get the main one up in time.

If you take a look at the monthly guide you will find a number of plants to start now. There is quite a few plants to start indoors now so they are ready to go in the ground after the last frost which for us is April.

Hopefully we can keep going to the allotments once a day to take care of the plants. Stay safe everyone in these troubling times.

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